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Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs: Stories and short humor by Abner Serd

Tall Tales Shaggy Dogs

In 2015, Abner launched the Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs podcast, featuring short humor stories narrated by Abner Serd. For the first 200 episodes, the show followed a daily release schedule, with a new 2 to 3 minute tale appearing every weekday. Beginning in 2016, the podcast switched to a weekly release schedule, with a new (slightly longer) yarn being added each Wednesday.

The entire Tall Tales podcast is appropriate for all ages — there's a little something for everyone. Most of Abner's stories are about his own adventures or those of his grown-up friends, but occasionally he will spin a yarn for the kids. Sometimes instead of a narrative story, Abner recites a poem or sings a funny song (most of which have been featured on Succotash: The Comedy Podcast Podcast).

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